Friday Favourites #3: 12.19.14

Well time is really flying by! It is hard to believe that it is almost Christmas!  I haven’t posted in almost 2 months so I have decided to share some things that have been going on recently in my life and some of my favourite things lately! Thanks to Heather at Housewife Glamour for the link up! (ps. it is still Friday here on the west coast lol)


– I am moving!
Next week I am moving back to Vancouver Island! I haven’t lived at home in over 3.5 years so
it will definitely take some getting used to! I am very excited to see my family and friends more often but it will be bitter sweet leaving Burnaby!

– I am going to California!
I have been dating my boyfriend for almost 3 years and I still have not gone home with him to California! He is from Northern California so I am flying into San Fransisco in about 2 weeks! I am so excited! I am going for just over a week and am looking forward to meeting his friends and seeing where he is from. Plus I get a vacation out of it too! I cannot wait!

– Sleepy Time Tea
I am a self proclaimed tea lover. I love almost any type of tea but I have to be super careful what type of tea I drink before bed because I am easily affected by caffeine. I bought this sleepy time tea because my brother drinks it and I love the flavour and it is perfect to drink before bed!


– Oatmeal Bites
These little bites are amazing! Not only do they taste great but they are super convenient. I bring them to work and they are great for when I am hungry but don’t have time to take a break. I used the recipe found here but I didn’t have flax seed meal so I just skipped it. Try these, you won’t be disappointed!


– Pomegranates
I love winter because pomegranates seem to be in abundance in the grocery stores. They are super tasty and every since I found this video on how to seed them, I have been buying a few every time I go shopping. Pomegranates are high in vitamin C and fibre and make a great snack!


– Getting my nails done!
Ever since I started serving again my nails have taken quite the beating. I have thin nails that tend to peel so I normally keep them pretty short so I don’t have to worry about them breaking. Last week I went and got my nails done with one of the girls I work with and I absolutely love them!


That’s all for today! Hope everyone has a great weekend!

❤ Mikaela


Five Things Friday #2

Hello and Happy Friday! I am linking up with Clare again for my second Five Things Friday!


Five things making me happy!

1. I got to see one of my best friends last weekend! For the past two months, Emily was travelling SE Asia and she had a layover in Vancouver on her way home, so I was able to catch up with her for a few hours before she headed back to Alberta! I have known Emily since we were about 6 years old but since she lives in a different province than I do, we only get to see each other about once a year. It’s amazing to me that we have still remained so close after 5 years of not living in the same province and I am truly blessed to have such a wonderful friend!


(Excuse my paleness!)

2. Today is my Dad’s Birthday! Happy Birthday Dad! Also, my parents are coming to visit me next week and I am super excited to see them! It’s funny because I went home around a month ago, but it feels like I haven’t seen my family in months!

3. The sunshine! This past week Vancouver has received so much sunshine and it has started to feel like spring! However, today it is raining but that’s ok. I love that feeling during spring when you can actually start to feel the warm suns rays on your back!

4. My Garmin 220 heart rate monitor. I LOVE it! My parents got this for me for my birthday last month and I was super happy about it! I find myself way more motivated to work out when I wear it. I am sure it is psychological but I like being able to track my progress and physically see how I am doing on paper and on charts!


5. Tea. I just love it. Plain and simple. #teawithmeg


Five Things I Ate This Week

1. Black Bean Brownies – I have mastered a recipe that it delicious and you cannot even tell the brownies are made with black beans! I will post the recipe on the blog sometime this coming week!


2. Stuffed Peppers – Found this lovely recipe On McKinli Hatch’s blog. It is so easy but super yummy at the same time!


3. Homemade popcorn – I got a microwave popcorn maker for my birthday this year and I love experimenting and trying new flavours for this healthy snack!


(This was parmesan cheese popcorn!)

4. My Omi’s Homemade Tomato Soup – SO GOOD. I am a big soup lover and this soup reminds me of home.

5. Roasted chicken with vegetables. We followed this recipe but made some modifications because I thought there was too much oil in it and we had different vegetables in the fridge (broccoli and cauliflower). We also only had skinless chicken breasts so we cut those in half horizontally (so they were thinner) and they worked really well for this recipe. I was super pleased with how this meal tuned out! We will definitely be making this again!

What are your plans this weekend? Mine involves a lot of studying!

What is your favourite type of tea? Mine right now is still the Lime Gelato from Davids Tea!

What have you been eating a lot of lately?  Right now I am loving eggs, dark chocolate and natural peanut butter! I can’t get enough!

We are halfway through March already! Wow!  Enjoy your weekend!

❤ Mikaela