Kayla Itsines BBG 1.0 Weeks 1-4 Review

Over the past few months I have seen the name Kayla Itsines and her BBG Transformation pictures all over Instagram and Facebook. Many of the transformations I have seen on these social media outlets are draw dropping and inspiring. I know that exercise is not the only thing that helps these girls achieve such amazing transformations and that diet is also a huge factor. That being said, after some thought I decided to purchase Kayla’s Bikini Body Training Guide 1.0 (BBG for short) at the beginning of January. It comes as an ebook and can be downloaded on your computer, phone or tablet, and can even be printed out if that is more convenient for you. I started the guide on January 5th along with thousands of other girls all over the world! To keep motivated and help support one another, the hashtag #thekaylamovement has been created! I think this is such a cool idea to not only push yourself but to push other girls who have the same interests as you all over the world!

The BBG is a 12-week workout plan consisting of three types of training. These include resistance training, cardio training, and rehabilitation (stretching). The amount of each type of training you do varies by week and progressively gets harder as the weeks go on. One of my favourite things about the guide is that the workouts only take 30 minutes and are completed three days a week. LISS or HIIT training is to be done on the days in between Kayla’s workouts and one day per week is completely devoted to stretching. The ultimate goal is to give girls everywhere the bodies they have always desired.

I did not purchase the Bikini Body HELP Guide because I felt that my eating habits are fairly good. Having a Kinesiology minor, I know what to put into my body to fuel it properly and all in all I am happy with my nutrition habits at the moment.


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Week 1-4 Review

Wow who knew a month could fly by so quickly! Don’t get me wrong, these workouts were not easy when I started them and to be honest they still have me on the floor dying by the end of them. However, what I love is that they not only challenge you physical but also mentally. My dad always says that the hardest part of exercising is putting on your shorts and I think that is so true. Once you are dressed and prepared for your workout, you are more likely to follow through with it. There have been many days since starting the BBG that I have not wanted to do it, or I have wanted to give up halfway, but I haven’t. I have persevered and in my opinion this is making me stronger mentally as well.

Now that I have made it through the first month of exercises, I have also noticed that I am a lot less sore after the workouts than I was when I first started. Leg day was torture for me and I would dread walking up stairs the day after. I can tell I am getting stronger though because as I said, I am far less sore after the workouts and at the same time I am still giving the same intensity in the workouts or even more. I know that the exercises get harder as each week passes but you also build up a stamina to be able to keep up. This allows you to push yourself even harder as time goes on.

After 4 weeks I have noticed some changes physically and mentally. My stomach is starting to become more toned and I can seeing my legs becoming stronger as well. I also feel like I have more energy (especially a few hours after the workouts) and I am sleeping better. I will do an 8 week update to share my thoughts and results at that time!

Kayla Itsines Weeks 1-4 picture

Happy exercising everyone!

xo Mikaela