Friday Favourites #2: 10.24.14

Happy Friday! I have not been able to keep consistently blogging because life keeps getting in the way! I recently graduated (read about it here) and have been working 5 days a week as a server ever since. If anyone has ever worked as a server, you will understand when I say how exhausting it is. Between the split shifts, dinner rushes, and weekend shifts, I find my main priority for staying sane is sleep and exercise, so blogging has been put on the back burner. I hope to create a schedule in the next week or so to organize my life to make it a little less chaotic! Anyways…I have decided to link up with Heather at Housewife Glamour on this fine Friday for some of my Friday Favourites!



– Turkey Bacon
This stuff is delicious! I don’t know why I haven’t bought it before! I originally tried it at one of my girlfriends places two summers back but haven’t eaten it since. I decided to buy some the other day and I love how crispy it get when I make it in the microwave!

– Dinner Dates
IMG_0075Travis and I finally got to go celebrate his birthday this past weekend! His birthday was almost a month ago but between me working and him being away with football we barely see each other! We went to Red Robin (not my choice lol) and Travis was in heaven with the stack of onion rings and the burger he got! I will be very happy to be able to spend more time with him once football season ends! This weekend is their last away game and after that they have three home games. So there is about 1 month until the season is over!

– Hair, Skin and Nails Formula
IMG_0121I love this stuff! I was taking only biotin before I got this product and I can definitely see a difference in my hair and nails since I have started taking this! This has biotin in it, along with other vitamins that are beneficial for hair, skin and nails. My nails are growing like weeds and are much stronger than they have ever been! I have the type of nails that peel and are very thin and this has helped reduce the peeling and increase their strength.

– Wheat Thins Popped

IMG_0120Anyone who knows me, know I love chips, crackers and just about anything salty. I have seen these Wheat Thins Popped floating around the blogosphere and was super excited to try them when I saw them in my local grocery store the other week! There are a definite win! They are a cross between a cracker and a chip and the flavour was great! Even Travis liked them and he isn’t a huge chip fan!

– NuGo Bars
I popped into the drugstore near my work to see if I could pick up a protein bar to snack on during my shift. I ended buying a couple  NuGo bars, mainly because of the price, but I was pleasantly surprised with how much I liked them. This flavour, chocolate pretzel, was my favourite because it was salty and sweet! I will be buying some more of these to keep on me whenever I need a quick, convienent snack.

– Mind Over Matter
IMG_0041I personally love this picture. I had a nasty stomach flu a few weeks back and I feel I am just starting to return to my normal self. I wanted to sleep in everyday this week but instead I knew I needed to get up and have my life return back to normal. I was able to complete all my workouts before work this week which made me super happy because I know I most likely won’t workout after my shift. To a certain extent, your mind dictates whether or not you can do something. This picture is simple, yet straight to the point!

Hope everyone has a great weekend!

❤ Mikaela



Five Things Friday #12

Hello! I haven’t been on here in a little while and decided today was a good day to post about a few things that are going on in my life! I will linking up with Clare for another Five Things Friday!



5 Things Making Me Happy!

1. I finished my undergraduate (hopefully)! I had my last exam on Friday and have received my final grade for the class. Now I am just waiting for the Senate to approve my graduation application. I took three classes this summer in order to complete my degree by the end of the summer and while it was frustrating and tiresome at times, I am so happy I took these courses. I hope to be walking the stage in October at my university’s convocation!

2. I got to go home and surprise my mom for her birthday! While it was a very short visit, it was nice to be home. My mom ended up coming back to the mainland with me and stayed the night. She also got to visit some friends she hadn’t seen in awhile and I know she enjoyed her visit, as did I!


3. My hair is growing! I got a good couple inches chopped off my hair about two months ago and right around the same time I got my hair cut, I started taking 1000 mcg of biotin daily. I am not entirely sure it is helping my hair grow but it definitely seems to be breaking less which is especially good for me, because my hair is so thin!


4. I got to be a part of Vancouver’s Pride Parade. (This actually took place the first week of August but I haven’t seen blogging regularly so I thought I would throw it in.) I volunteered with the Canadian Cancer Society and got to actually be in the parade this year. Last year I helped out at the booth, educating the public about the importance of early detection for cancer and the importance of protection. This year, a friend and I decided we wanted to be in the parade and let me tell you it was crazy! I was so tired by the end of it but it was really fun!


5. Bike rides! Living on a mountain has its advantages and disadvantages. One of the disadvantages is that there is really no place to run or bike. When I was at home on the island I went for a bike ride with my mom and it made me realize how much I love to bike. Not only is it good exercise, but I like the fact that you get to cover a great distance in a short period of time.


5 Foods I ate!

1. I have been obsessed with Laughing Cow cheese lately so this has been my go to meal for the past week. Laughing cow cheese, homegrown tomatoes, green onions and S&P on a toasted ciabatta bun.


2. Steak and grilled veggies. When I was home this weekend for my mom’s birthday I got to enjoy barbecued steak and grilled veggies. I do not have a grill or a deck at my apartment so this was definitely a treat!


3. Zucchini blueberry lemon muffins. These were good but they still need tweaking before I post a recipe! Check back soon for one!



4. Quest bars. I finally caved a bought a box of the chocolate chip cookie dough bars and a box of the cookies and cream bars and I have been snacking on these ever since I bought them. They are the perfect sweet treat to satisfy my cravings!

5. Homemade blueberry pancakes. Travis has been working a lot lately so I try and get up early to at least make him a smoothie or something for breakfast before he runs out the door. Lately he has been asking me to make homemade blueberry pancakes and I have made them a few times in the last couple of weeks at his request!



Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!

❤ Mikaela