Friday Favourites #2: 10.24.14

Happy Friday! I have not been able to keep consistently blogging because life keeps getting in the way! I recently graduated (read about it here) and have been working 5 days a week as a server ever since. If anyone has ever worked as a server, you will understand when I say how exhausting it is. Between the split shifts, dinner rushes, and weekend shifts, I find my main priority for staying sane is sleep and exercise, so blogging has been put on the back burner. I hope to create a schedule in the next week or so to organize my life to make it a little less chaotic! Anyways…I have decided to link up with Heather at Housewife Glamour on this fine Friday for some of my Friday Favourites!



– Turkey Bacon
This stuff is delicious! I don’t know why I haven’t bought it before! I originally tried it at one of my girlfriends places two summers back but haven’t eaten it since. I decided to buy some the other day and I love how crispy it get when I make it in the microwave!

– Dinner Dates
IMG_0075Travis and I finally got to go celebrate his birthday this past weekend! His birthday was almost a month ago but between me working and him being away with football we barely see each other! We went to Red Robin (not my choice lol) and Travis was in heaven with the stack of onion rings and the burger he got! I will be very happy to be able to spend more time with him once football season ends! This weekend is their last away game and after that they have three home games. So there is about 1 month until the season is over!

– Hair, Skin and Nails Formula
IMG_0121I love this stuff! I was taking only biotin before I got this product and I can definitely see a difference in my hair and nails since I have started taking this! This has biotin in it, along with other vitamins that are beneficial for hair, skin and nails. My nails are growing like weeds and are much stronger than they have ever been! I have the type of nails that peel and are very thin and this has helped reduce the peeling and increase their strength.

– Wheat Thins Popped

IMG_0120Anyone who knows me, know I love chips, crackers and just about anything salty. I have seen these Wheat Thins Popped floating around the blogosphere and was super excited to try them when I saw them in my local grocery store the other week! There are a definite win! They are a cross between a cracker and a chip and the flavour was great! Even Travis liked them and he isn’t a huge chip fan!

– NuGo Bars
I popped into the drugstore near my work to see if I could pick up a protein bar to snack on during my shift. I ended buying a couple  NuGo bars, mainly because of the price, but I was pleasantly surprised with how much I liked them. This flavour, chocolate pretzel, was my favourite because it was salty and sweet! I will be buying some more of these to keep on me whenever I need a quick, convienent snack.

– Mind Over Matter
IMG_0041I personally love this picture. I had a nasty stomach flu a few weeks back and I feel I am just starting to return to my normal self. I wanted to sleep in everyday this week but instead I knew I needed to get up and have my life return back to normal. I was able to complete all my workouts before work this week which made me super happy because I know I most likely won’t workout after my shift. To a certain extent, your mind dictates whether or not you can do something. This picture is simple, yet straight to the point!

Hope everyone has a great weekend!

❤ Mikaela



Five Things Friday #13

How is it already the last Friday in August!? This summer has gone by waaayyyy too fast! I would definitely not complain if we had a few more weeks of warm weather before the west coast of Canada experiences 8 months of grey sky and rain. That being said, I am excited to see what Fall has to bring in terms of my future! Since it is the last Friday of summer I decided to switch things up! I will still be linking up with Clare for Five Things Friday, but I also wanted to link up with Heather for Friday Favourites (notice how I put the “u” in favourites since I am Canadian hehe) to showcase some of my favourite things in my life this week!

         five-things-friday-must-reads    Friday-Favorites-Button-Housewife-Glamour

Five Things Making Me Happy!

1. Having the gym to myself. I went to my school gym last weekend and I was literally the only person in there. It was so nice to be able to do whatever exercise I wanted, when I wanted! That never happens!


2. I completed the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge and donated to this very worthy cause! I am sure everyone has seen these videos everywhere on Facebook. ALS is a very devastating disease and to whoever started the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge I applaud you for using social media in such a positive way.  I hope that the money raised will help support those affected by ALS, their families and everyone who will be affected in the future. Here is a still shot of me having the water poured on my head!

ALS Screenshot

3. The new Davids Tea Fall Collection. I got the email the other day that this new collection has launched and I cannot wait to buy it! I am hoping Meg at A Dash of Meg will do a review on it soon because I really value her advice and preferences when it comes to tea! She is definitely the queen of tea! #teawithmeg

4. My two and a half year anniversary with Travis is today! We haven’t seen a lot of one another lately even though we live together. He has been very busy with work because it is the beginning of football season so I am hoping we will get to celebrate in the next few weeks once our schedules aren’t so busy!


5. Treats from friends. One of my really good friends brought Travis and I goodies that she made. She brought us homemade cinnamon buns, two types of cupcakes, brownies, and lavender bread. Everything was delicious!

Friday Favourites!

  • St. Tropez Self Tan Brozing Mousse! Let me start off by saying I am naturally a VERY pale person. I do not tan easily and I tend to burn if I am in the sun without sunscreen in as little as half an hour. That being said, being pale isn’t in right now, especially in the summer. My go to tanning mousse is this one by St. Tropez. I have been using it for years and it has never left me streaky, smelly, or orange.


  • Baptiste Dry Shampoo for Dark Hair! I am very lucky to not have super greasy hair for how fine and thin my hair is! However, when I do need an extra “oomph” to my ‘do or want to freshen up my hair I use this Baptiste dry shampoo. I usually put it on before bed and when I sleep it disperses evenly so that when I wake up my hair looks refreshed! Also, because it is for dark hair, you don’t have that dusty whitish look to your hair that can occur with other dry shampoos that are white.


  • Rivalus Complx5 Pre-workout! I love this pre-workout! Lately, I have been trying to avoid caffeine because I find I am easily affected by it, so I switched to a pre-workout that contains no caffeine. This pre-workout by Rivalus contains 5 main ingredients, sodium bicarbonate, n-acetyl-tyrosine, arginine, beta-alanine, and red ginseng. I would describe it as giving you more of a “pump” feeling than a “burst of energy” feeling, which I actually prefer if I am going to strength train. I purchased the orange flavour but I will probably try the lemon-lime flavour next just to switch things up!

IMG_5189 IMG_5190

I hope everyone has a fabulous long weekend!

❤ Mikaela

Five Things Friday #11

It’s Friday again! I really have not kept up with blogging lately due to life getting in the way but I am back at it once again. Today I am linking up with Clare for another Five Things Friday!


I have decided to do this post featuring my favourite things over the past few weeks (because I have neglected my blog) so here they are!

Five Things Making Me Happy!

1. Beach Days! Travis and I both had Canada Day off work so we went to explore one of the beaches near us with one of his friends. The weather was perfect and I was happy that we got to spend some time outdoors!


2. I got to go visit my family last weekend and I get to go again this weekend as well. I am not so happy about the reason why I am going two weekends in a row (I need a filling on one of my teeth) but I am super excited that I get to go to the island again even if it is only for a couple of days! Travis is coming with me this weekend as well which makes me even more excited!


(I took this picture of a cruise ship we passed while on the ferry)

3. Gifts from the boyfriend! Travis was away for about 3 weeks, working and then he went back home to California and when he came back he had a bunch of treats for me. His parents also bought me a few goodies and I am so blessed to have them all in my life!

IMG_4534(The treats included saltwater taffy, nike shorts, bathing suit bottoms, a coffee mug, pb2, bcaa’s, protein and a dream catcher that had belong to Travis grandfather. I am spoiled!)

4. This cute tea holder I made for all my DavidsTea bags! I found the instructions on how to make it here.



5. Catching up with old friends. When I went home this past weekend I got to catch up with a bunch of girlfriends I had not seen in months! It was as if no time had passed between us and it was great to see them!

That’s all for today! Have a wonderful weekend!

❤ Mikaela

Five Things Friday #10

Well it has been almost a month since I have published a blog post so this could also be titled “Back to Blogging” haha!

Anyways! Since it is Friday and I am finally done classes I figured I would hook up with Clare and participate in another Five Things Friday!


Five Things Making Me Happy!

1. I finished my two intersession courses on Monday. I am officially done all my in-class classes at SFU. I still am enrolled in an online course at the moment and that one doesn’t finish until the beginning of August but it is so nice to see the end in sight!

2. My lovely boyfriend comes home on Sunday! Travis has been back home in California for the last two weeks and before that he was in the Okanagan working for 3 days. So technically I saw him for about 12 hours two Sunday’s ago but I am super excited for him to come home to me!

3. City views! I took this one when I was volunteering and I cannot believe how clear the skyline was! The picture doesn’t do it justice!


4. This paint job I did on my nails. I must admit I watched a few youtube videos on how to properly paint your nails and I think I totally nailed it (get it…nailed it!).


5. Night time walks! I have an obsession with walking right now. I am hoping to start running again soon but there is so much construction around where I live and this has discouraged me a bit. Walking allows me to clear my mind and have some time to myself, which I love!



Five Foods I Ate!

1. Chocolate Coconut Covered Almonds. These are probably my favourite treats! I had Travis’ parents bring them from Costco in the US when the came to visit in the fall and I haven’t had them since. However, last time we made a trip to our local Costco in Burnaby I found them! I was dancing around I was so happy! They are amazingly good! Definetly a must buy every time we go to Costco!

IMG_43432. Well it is probably obvious that I love eggs and avocados so this breakfast is a no brainer. Garlic avocado toast, scrambled eggs, and extra avocado on the side! So delicious and filling!


3. Frozen grapes! I had some grapes that were just about too ripe so I popped them in the freezer and had them for a snack before bedtime! The were the perfect “treat” before bed.


4. Random salads. Since the boyfriend has been away for the last two weeks, I have had a hard time cooking for just myself. Salads have been my go to because I can make them as big or small as I want and I can throw almost anything from the fridge into them! This salad had chickpeas, feta, artichokes, cucumbers, tomatoes, red onion, and avocado in it. I just put a bit of balsamic vinegar and extra virgin olive oil on it and I was in salad heaven.


5. Banana bread! Travis’ mom gave me this recipe and I made a loaf will all the extra bananas I had in the freezer! IMG_4431

6.I know there is only supposed to be 5 things but I had to include a funny picture! The other night I got home from work and was super tired so I decided just to have a grilled cheese for dinner. I guess I forgot about it… the picture explains everything! (I did not eat this haha!)



Hoping everyone has a fantastic weekend!

❤ Mikaela


Five Things Friday #5

It’s Friday again! I have been super bad at keeping up with the blog lately due to school but nevertheless I am hoping to up my blogging game in the next few weeks! So once again I am linking up with Clare for another Five Things Friday!


Five Things Making Me Happy!

1. I finished my exams on Wednesday! I have almost 3 weeks off until I start summer classes and I am so excited to catch up on some extra running, cleaning and baking!

2. I am heading home to the island for Easter weekend! I am so excited to see my family and hopefully some friends. Going home is definitely a great way to end a tough semester.

3. Spring has sprung! Besides the last two days the weather here has been gorgeous! I love Spring and especially going for walks when it is sunny out but there is still a nice breeze. While there was a downpour today, doesn’t the old saying go “April showers bring may flowers?”




4. Breakfast in bed! Technically this happened last Friday but Travis woke me up to a lovely breakfast in bed. He made me bacon , hash browns and  “frog in a hole.” He even cooked the yolk perfectly because I am very picky about how my eggs are cooked. Travis knew I was stressed about school and this little loving gesture was just what I needed to have a wonderful day.


5. My new spring workout playlist! Every so often I make a new workout playlist just to make my workouts more fun and I am loving this new one. I will definitely be posting the songs I love listening to in the near future!

Five things I ate this week!

1. I have been obsessed with dark chocolate covered coconut chunks lately. Travis and I bought them on a whim at Costco and they have been the perfect study snack for me.



2. Breakfast scramble! Travis and I eat this for breakfast at least 4 times a week. We use potatoes, peppers, onions, garlic, spices, eggs, egg whites, bacon, cheese, avocado and tomato. Then on the side we usually have a whole wheat english muffin or whole wheat toast. It is so tasty and filling!



3. Peanut butter cookies. I was definitely “procrasti-baking” this week and made a tone of peanut butter cookies instead of studying. They are Travis’ favourite cookies and I love them too.

4. Homemade Larabars! I love Larabars but not their price tag. I tend to only buy them on sale and even then I only buy one or two. I found a recipe on Chocolate-Covered Katie’s website. They are delicious and also save me a few dimes and nickels in the long run.

5. I know this isn’t food but I tried the Starbucks’s Refreshers Blueberry Acai flavour this week and I was not disappointed. It was a great pick me up drink during my studies. I still think my favourite flavour is the strawberry lemonade but this will definitely not be the last time I have the blueberry acai flavour.




Hope everyone has a wonderful Easter and long weekend!

❤ Mikaela

Five Things Friday #4

Another week has gone by and it’s that time again! Thanks to Clare for hosting Five Things Friday!


Five Things Making Me Happy!

1. I participated and volunteered at Relay For Life at my university and it was such a wonderful event! This relay lasted from 7:00 pm until 7:00 am and was one of the most inspiring events I have ever been to. One of the most touching moments was when the luminaries were lit and we were walking around the track. I had chills come over me as we walked and looked at the many luminaries each representing someone who has lost their battle with cancer, who is fighting their battle with this disease or who has survived cancer. It seemed that everyone has been touched by cancer in some way or another and that we were all there for each other at that moment. I am so thankful I got to be apart of this event and would encourage anyone to participate or volunteer at the Relay For Life event held in their city. It truly was a wonderful experience!


2. This was my crazy week at school due to the fact that I had 3 essays due within 6 days. I have finished two (yippee!!) and only have one left to do which I have already started. It is so nice not leaving work until the last minute and finishing before the due date!

3. It is starting to get lighter at night! One of my favourite parts of summer is the fact that it stays light out quite late! Last night I finished volunteering and was waiting for the bus at around 8:00 pm and there was still a bit of light left in the sky. This made me think that the days are getting longer and everyday we are that much closer to summer and warmer weather!

4. My boyfriend and I got to dress up fancy on Wednesday night. He had an athletic banquet and I was able to attend the after party. It is so fun changing out of my usual lulu’s every now and then and getting all dolled up!


5. I went and saw an advisor this week and she said as long as I pass my classes, I will graduate in August! This was such a relief to hear because I was scared I did not have enough credits. Turns out I have way more than I need! I am really looking forward to officially being done!

Five Things I Ate This Week

1. Poached egg on toast with avocado and tomatoes – This has been my “go to” breakfast all week! I probably ate it 5 this week and I cannot get enough! The combination in delicious!


2. Homemade Meringues – I wanted to make meringues because I love their texture and like how they are a light dessert. I followed a 2 ingredient recipe and let me tell you they did not turn out! It may have been due to the fact that I beated the eggs by hand and they weren’t “peaky” enough. They were good for the first hour and then became super soft and sticky (almost like a marshmallow). I will definitely need to find a new recipe and invest in some beaters!


3. Salmon Lox – I have been searching for lox for a few weeks and have finally found it at my local grocery store. I love, love, love it! It tastes especially good on whole wheat english muffins with some cream cheese and a little S & P!

4. Mug Cakes – I have been experimenting with the many recipes I have found online and they are all super delicious! I love that they are so quick and easy to make!

5. Homemade Popcorn – Such an easy snack! It is filling and delicious and I don’t feel the guilt after stuffing my face!


What are your plans this weekend? I am finishing my last paper of the semester!

What have you been eating a lot of lately? For me it has been, poached eggs, avocados, salmon lox!

I hope everyone enjoys their weekend!

❤ Mikaela


Since I am a newby to blogging I have decided to participate in my first ever

I am linking up with Katie and Marvelous In My Monday.  She started this as a way for everyone reflect on the marvelous things around them and begin their week on a positive note. So here are some highlights of the marvelous things that have happened in my life over the past week!


Travis and I celebrated our 2 year anniversary! Technically our anniversary is February 29th but since this day only exists every 4 years we celebrated on February 28th!


This is the beautiful gift that Travis got me. He made a photo collage of the two years that we have been together. I teared up when he brought it out to me! Such a sentimental gift! I love him!


These are some flowers Travis brought home for me on Sunday “just because.” So pretty!

These were the only photos I took last week because I had 3 midterm exams and 3 assignments due so hopefully this week will be a bit more laid back! Thank you to my wonderful boyfriend for such an amazing end to my week!

Hope everyone had a great weekend!

❤ Mikaela