Five Things Friday #14

We are well into September and this has become apparent here on the west coast with the sudden weather change. We have had rain for the past few days but we are supposed to get one more warm weekend before Fall really starts and I am quite ok with this. I will be doing another link up with Clare for Five Things Friday and Heather for Friday Favourites. Thanks ladies for hosting!

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5 Things Making Me Happy

1. Football season is back. Three years ago I never thought I would be saying I am happy football season is back but since starting to date my boyfriend I have really grown to love the sport. He is currently working for the football team at the university we both attended and I love going to watch the games (especially when the weather is nice)!


2. I have taught myself how to crochet! Travis has been calling me a grandma but I actually love it! This is a toque (beanie) I recently crocheted!


3. I get to see my parents in less than 3 weeks! I haven’t seen them since the beginning of August but they will be coming over for my convocation! I can’t wait!

4. I am going back to high school! I recently finished my degree but right now I am upgrading some high school courses in order to hopefully apply for further schooling in the future!

5. Taylor Swifts song “Shake it Off“. I know I am a few weeks behind on discovering this song but I am absolutely obsessed!

5 Things I Ate/Drank

1. Pumpkin Muffins with Cream Cheese Filling. I cannot express to you how good these are! I two batches in three days because my boyfriend kept bringing them to share with his friends because they were so good! I even received some texts from his friends telling me how much they liked the muffins! The recipe I used can be found here and I followed it exactly as it appears. These muffins are seriously the bomb dot com!


2. Chai Tea. Since the weather has become cooler I have had chai tea every day. Something about chai screams Fall to me.

3. Amy’s Organic Lentil Vegetable Soup. I am a soup lover and this is the perfect chunky soup that is quick to prepare and tasty at the same time. I had this soup with some salt and pepper crackers and some local salsa. It was the perfect meal!


4. Greek Wraps. This is one of Travis’ favourite meals that I make and we had it for dinner two nights this week because we both worked late and it was easy to prepare. I will probably post a recipe for the tzatziki I make sometime in the future!

5. Mini Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups. I posted this recipe yesterday and I have had one of these treats every single day this week! They are delicious!


Friday Favourites

This week I have one favourite to share!

1. FitHappy Headbands! I recently purchased two FitHappy headbands and I am in love with them! I had seen great reviews on them on Instagram and Etsy so I thought I would purchase a couple to try out myself because I hate having hair in my face when I am working out. Needless to say, these headbands surpassed my expectations and I have even caught Travis wearing my grey one a few times to keep his hair out of his face! I won’t embarrass him by putting a picture up though! IMG_5214                                          IMG_5219

Have an amazing weekend!

❤ Mikaela


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