Five Things Friday #6

Ah! It’s the first Friday in May! How is it May already?! This year is flying by! Being that it is Friday I am hooking up with Clare for another Five Things Friday!



Five Things Making Me Happy!

1. The weather! It has been so nice here in Burnaby for the past few days. Even though I have had to work, I have tried to get outside at least for an hour to get some sunshine on my SUPER pale skin. Travis and I went to watch the sunset the other night and it was just gorgeous! I cannot wait for summer when the weather is permanently warm!

IMG_4211 IMG_4225 IMG_4223

2. I got a “Frequent Steeper” card from Davids Tea! I know these have been around for a little while but I finally went in there and bought some tea and also got my own keychain and card!


3. I started the Tone It Up challenge. I didn’t do too much research into it but from what I understand is the gist of it is to try and exercise 100 or 150 miles before summer starts on June 21! At first I thought that 100 miles by summer sounded like a lot but I realized that I wanted to challenge myself and my goal is to exercise 150 miles by summer! Since Monday, I have completed 9/150 miles so I still have a long way to go but I have faith that I can do it!

4. This picture! My mom sent it to me the other night and I think it is hilarious!


5. My recent Target shoe purchase. I did get these shoes when I was home on the island but since I haven’t posted on here since I have gotten back I thought I would share. I got two pairs of shoes. One pair is a cute pair of gladiator flats, and the other is a pair of wedges! I cannot wait to wear them!

IMG_4160 IMG_4159

Five Things I Ate This Week!

1. Banana chips! I used to hate anything banana but now I am finally coming around to liking their flavour!

2. Cookie Dough Baked Oatmeal from Chocolate Covered Katie. This oatmeal is delicious and super duper easy to make! I highly recommend it to anyone who loves oatmeal!


3. Homemade pizza! We used small pitas that we had from Costco that were sitting in the freezer as the crust! Super filling, easy, and I love that you can put whatever ingredients you want on the pizza to make it your own!

4. A new drink that I tried this week was the Pure Leaf lemon flavour iced tea. I know this is supposed to list things I ate but this drink was very good. It was sweeter than I expected but it still had a light, refreshing taste. Perfect for summer!



5. Homemade mac and cheese. Travis and I made this and it was soooo good! Not super healthy but it was totally worth the extra calories! Mac and cheese reminds me of home and is definitely worth the time it takes to make!

Have a fantastic weekend!

❤ Mikaela


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