Five Things Friday #9

Happy Friday!!! Today I have many things to be happy for so I will be linking up with Clare for another Five Things Friday Post!


Five Things Making Me Happy!

1. Today is officially the halfway mark through my summer intersession classes. I always loathe only having 6 weeks of classes but I know when they are done I am so happy! I just have to buckle down and study and in 3 weeks, 2 more classes will be completed!

2. Phone chats with far away friends. This week I was able to talk to two of my best friends who do not live in the same province as me. I am so fortunate to have been able to stay in contact with both of them over the years and I cherish their friendships!

3. This sports bra I got for $20! Nike sports bras are my favourite because they suck everything in haha! I found this one at Winners and justified buying it because of the price and because it was a pretty colour!


4. I had some really good workouts this week! The gym is definitely a de-stressor for me!

5. My new phone wallpaper! I haven’t changed my lock screen wallpaper in like a year and now I get a girly surprise every time I unlock my phone!


Five Things I Ate this Week!

1. This week I tried “Tea Pop” from DavidsTea! I got their Sangria tea with some agave added in and it was so delicious!!! I cannot wait to try more of their summer teas!


2. Rice Krispie Squares. I made these for the boyfriend but definitely had a few pieces of my own!

3. Peanut butter! On anything and everything!

4. This yummy breakfast! I mashed garlic, avocado, salt and pepper together and spread it over whole wheat toast. Then I placed a poached egg on top and devoured it!


5. Parmesan crusted lingcod with brown rice and roasted veggies. Healthy and delicious!

I hope everyone has a fabulous weekend!!
❤ Mikaela


Five Things Friday #8

Happy Friday! It’s that time of the week again and I am linking up with Clare for another Five Things Friday Post! These past few weeks have been going by so fast and my Friday posts are the only one’s I can seem to keep up with on a regular basis! I definitely need to expand my horizons and make more time for blogging because it is so fun!


Five Things Making Me Happy This Week

1. This article that was being shared on Facebook called 60 Little Tips That Can Change a Girls Life. I love lists and articles like this and this article in particular has some very good ideas in it!

2. I got my haircut! I hadn’t had my haircut since probably November and I was in desperate need of a trim. I ended up having all the dead ends taken off and it is so much healthier than it was before!


3. Catching up with old friends. The girl who cut my hair is actually an old friend I used to dance with on the island. We hadn’t seen each other in a few months and we went to dinner before she cut my hair and it was lovely to catch up with her!

4. Tennis. Travis dragged me to the tennis courts yesterday here at SFU and although I do need to work on my skills, we had a blast! I did not realize how much running you do while playing tennis. No wonder professional tennis players are such incredible athletes!

5. It’s a long weekend! Monday is Victoria Day which means it is a three day weekend! The weather is not supposed to be too promising but I am hoping Monday will be nice because Travis and I want to go on an adventure! We are thinking of biking the seawall if the weather permits!

Five Things I Ate This Week

1. Salmon Lox and Cream Cheese on an English Muffin. I think I have mentioned this before but it is just so tasty!


2. Skinny Thai Noodle Salad from Eats from the Oil Patch. OH MY GOODNESS this salad is amazing! I made it the other day and devoured it in two days. Ps. I have made a few of her recipes and they are all delicious so I highly recommend you check this blog out!

3. Quesada. This restaurant is similar to Chipotle and is located on campus at SFU. Travis and I shared one of their burrito bowls and it was delicious. They make the actual bowl right in front of you and the portions are huge. The owner is also very friendly and this is a huge plus in my books!


4.  Frozen Yogurt. Since the weather has taken a turn for the better Travis and I treated ourselves to fro yo one night and we both were in heaven! Travis has a huge sweet tooth and I love frozen treats so we both couldn’t resist!

5. Mini Peanut Butter Cups from Simply Made. My mom introduced me to this website and her recipes are amazing! I did alter this recipe a little bit and I also didn’t have mini muffin cups so I froze the inside and then covered them in the chocolate after. They are the perfect sweet treat!


 I hope everyone has had a great week and has an even better weekend!

❤ Mikaela

Five Things Friday #7

Another week has come and gone! Happy Friday everyone! Again, I am linking up with Clare for Five Things Friday!
PS… I must apologize for the lack of pictures this week!


Five Things Making Me Happy!

1. I started my summer semester this week. I am not really happy with the actual work I have to do but seeing that this will be my last semester at SFU, I am super happy to start my final semester.

2. Travis and I went on a giant hike this past week. We decided to explore and eventually that led us to hike down Burnaby Mountain and then back up again. The hike was just under 10 km and took us about 2.5 hours. One the way up we encountered 500 stairs which was defiantly a challenge! It was the perfect temperature out and I am sure we will be conquering Burnaby Mountain again soon!


IMG_4252 IMG_4263 IMG_4256 IMG_4259 IMG_4260 IMG_4267

3. This workout from Tone It Up! I did it twice this week on the elliptical and loved it! You can make it as challenging as you like and because you are constantly changing tempos, it doesn’t get boring!


4. The new Oprah Chai Tea Latte from Starbucks. I asked the lady working there what the difference was between this Oprah chai tea latte and the regular chai tea latte and she said the Oprah chai tea latte contained cinnamon while the regular one doesn’t. Seeing as I love cinnamon, I definitely enjoyed the Oprah chai tea latte and will be ordering it again soon!

5. My Mama! This weekend it is Mother’s Day and while I won’t be with my mom this Sunday, I just want to say how thankful I am for her. She is always there for me, whether I am laughing, crying, ranting, bored, etc. Thank you for being my best friend Mom. I love you!


Five Things I Ate!

1. Scrambled eggs with salsa! So so so yummy!

2. Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Pecan Cookies! I modified a few recipes to make these cookies and they were delicious. They were soft, sweet and had the perfect texture. Let me tell you the secret to keeping cookies soft and chewy. Add a piece of bread to the container you are storing the cookies in. The cookies will not dry out, but the bread will! Surprisingly Travis taught me this trick and I have been using it with every batch of cookies I make and it works wonderfully! Nothing is worse than a super dry cookie!


3. Turkey avocado sandwich on whole wheat bread. I add mustard, red onion and a touch of salt and pepper! Super tasty and filling.

4. Amy’s Lentil Soup. First of all I love soup! Travis thinks I have an obsession! I had a bowl of Amy’s Lentil Soup after our long hike this week and it was the perfect food to fill be up after a long workout.

5. Watermelon. I LOVE watermelon. We bought one the other day when it was on sale and I cut the whole thing up that night. I think it was gone in 3 days. So refreshing! It is the perfect summer treat!

Have a fabulous weekend!

❤ Mikaela

Five Things Friday #6

Ah! It’s the first Friday in May! How is it May already?! This year is flying by! Being that it is Friday I am hooking up with Clare for another Five Things Friday!



Five Things Making Me Happy!

1. The weather! It has been so nice here in Burnaby for the past few days. Even though I have had to work, I have tried to get outside at least for an hour to get some sunshine on my SUPER pale skin. Travis and I went to watch the sunset the other night and it was just gorgeous! I cannot wait for summer when the weather is permanently warm!

IMG_4211 IMG_4225 IMG_4223

2. I got a “Frequent Steeper” card from Davids Tea! I know these have been around for a little while but I finally went in there and bought some tea and also got my own keychain and card!


3. I started the Tone It Up challenge. I didn’t do too much research into it but from what I understand is the gist of it is to try and exercise 100 or 150 miles before summer starts on June 21! At first I thought that 100 miles by summer sounded like a lot but I realized that I wanted to challenge myself and my goal is to exercise 150 miles by summer! Since Monday, I have completed 9/150 miles so I still have a long way to go but I have faith that I can do it!

4. This picture! My mom sent it to me the other night and I think it is hilarious!


5. My recent Target shoe purchase. I did get these shoes when I was home on the island but since I haven’t posted on here since I have gotten back I thought I would share. I got two pairs of shoes. One pair is a cute pair of gladiator flats, and the other is a pair of wedges! I cannot wait to wear them!

IMG_4160 IMG_4159

Five Things I Ate This Week!

1. Banana chips! I used to hate anything banana but now I am finally coming around to liking their flavour!

2. Cookie Dough Baked Oatmeal from Chocolate Covered Katie. This oatmeal is delicious and super duper easy to make! I highly recommend it to anyone who loves oatmeal!


3. Homemade pizza! We used small pitas that we had from Costco that were sitting in the freezer as the crust! Super filling, easy, and I love that you can put whatever ingredients you want on the pizza to make it your own!

4. A new drink that I tried this week was the Pure Leaf lemon flavour iced tea. I know this is supposed to list things I ate but this drink was very good. It was sweeter than I expected but it still had a light, refreshing taste. Perfect for summer!



5. Homemade mac and cheese. Travis and I made this and it was soooo good! Not super healthy but it was totally worth the extra calories! Mac and cheese reminds me of home and is definitely worth the time it takes to make!

Have a fantastic weekend!

❤ Mikaela