Five Things Friday #5

It’s Friday again! I have been super bad at keeping up with the blog lately due to school but nevertheless I am hoping to up my blogging game in the next few weeks! So once again I am linking up with Clare for another Five Things Friday!


Five Things Making Me Happy!

1. I finished my exams on Wednesday! I have almost 3 weeks off until I start summer classes and I am so excited to catch up on some extra running, cleaning and baking!

2. I am heading home to the island for Easter weekend! I am so excited to see my family and hopefully some friends. Going home is definitely a great way to end a tough semester.

3. Spring has sprung! Besides the last two days the weather here has been gorgeous! I love Spring and especially going for walks when it is sunny out but there is still a nice breeze. While there was a downpour today, doesn’t the old saying go “April showers bring may flowers?”




4. Breakfast in bed! Technically this happened last Friday but Travis woke me up to a lovely breakfast in bed. He made me bacon , hash browns and  “frog in a hole.” He even cooked the yolk perfectly because I am very picky about how my eggs are cooked. Travis knew I was stressed about school and this little loving gesture was just what I needed to have a wonderful day.


5. My new spring workout playlist! Every so often I make a new workout playlist just to make my workouts more fun and I am loving this new one. I will definitely be posting the songs I love listening to in the near future!

Five things I ate this week!

1. I have been obsessed with dark chocolate covered coconut chunks lately. Travis and I bought them on a whim at Costco and they have been the perfect study snack for me.



2. Breakfast scramble! Travis and I eat this for breakfast at least 4 times a week. We use potatoes, peppers, onions, garlic, spices, eggs, egg whites, bacon, cheese, avocado and tomato. Then on the side we usually have a whole wheat english muffin or whole wheat toast. It is so tasty and filling!



3. Peanut butter cookies. I was definitely “procrasti-baking” this week and made a tone of peanut butter cookies instead of studying. They are Travis’ favourite cookies and I love them too.

4. Homemade Larabars! I love Larabars but not their price tag. I tend to only buy them on sale and even then I only buy one or two. I found a recipe on Chocolate-Covered Katie’s website. They are delicious and also save me a few dimes and nickels in the long run.

5. I know this isn’t food but I tried the Starbucks’s Refreshers Blueberry Acai flavour this week and I was not disappointed. It was a great pick me up drink during my studies. I still think my favourite flavour is the strawberry lemonade but this will definitely not be the last time I have the blueberry acai flavour.




Hope everyone has a wonderful Easter and long weekend!

❤ Mikaela


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