Five Things Friday #1

Yahoo! It’s Friday!!! Let the weekend begin! Today I will be linking up with Clare for the first time for #FiveThingsFriday.


Five things making me happy!

1. Davids Tea! I am a tea lover but have not found a tea I absolutely adore. Usually I just drink whatever I have at home but recently I have found two teas from Davids Tea that are to die for!! The first is Lime Gelato! IT IS SO GOOD! I got it as a gift for my birthday  and it is probably the best tasting green tea I have ever had. The second is Forever Nuts. My mom bought me a bag of it before Christmas and I am sad to say that I finished it off this morning. It is the perfect light tasting tea to have before bed. Also it is hot pink, always a plus, and the longer you steep it the better it tastes!

IMG_0011 IMG_0012

2. I am done my midterms!

3. My new workout playlist! My iPhone decided to restore itself the other day so I lost everything. Needless to say is that it gave me a chance to create a whole new workout playlist that I absolutely love!

4. I hit 2 PR’s this week! One of them was on bench press, the other was on the squat rack. In January I started lifting heavy and frequently (about 4 days a week) with my boyfriend. My goal is to be more toned and have curves made of muscle. It is amazing how much your body can transform after only 2 months! My boyfriend set some goals for him and myself and we aimed to complete them by March 17, which was 2 months from when we set them. But this week he said we were ready to smash them and we did! It is amazing how accomplished you feel when you make a goal and achieve it!


5. Sleep! This week I got 8 hours each night!

Have a wonderful weekend!!

xo – Mikaela


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