Chilly Day Chili!

Right now it is the middle of midterm season and I seem to find myself baking and cooking quite a bit. This may be how I procrastinate from studying but either way I am not complaining. This weekend T and I decided to make a big batch of chili. We like to keep certain foods in the freezer, ready to eat for busy days and chili is by far T’s favourite! This was our third time making chili and by far our largest batch … almost 10 quarts! This was the perfect meal to accompany the cold weather we have been having over here on the west coast. We normally do not get too much snow but this past weekend we got a big dump! This chili doesn’t follow a particular recipe (T’s parents gave us some ideas on what foods to use), we just throw in anything and everything we can think of, so it varies each time we make it. I am sure this will all be eaten within the next month! Recipe down below.


(This is the starting of our chili. In the pot so far is onion, canned tomatoes, canned jalapeños and fresh jalapeños.)


(Garlic, chia seeds, red pepper flakes, and steak have been added into the pot.)


(All mixed up.)


(Done! Ready to be frozen.)

I did slack on taking some pictures and ingredients were added to the chili throughout its cooking process!


Canned Tomatoes – I used 4 cans (2 plain + 2 chill flavoured)

Bell Peppers – 4 (one of each colour)

Onion – 1 yellow and 1/2 red

Jalapeños- 2

Canned jalapeños – 2

Canned mild chili’s – 2

Garlic – 3 heaping spoonfuls

Chia Seeds – 1/2 cup

Mushrooms – 2 cups

Chili Seasoning

Chili Powder


Ground Beef

These ingredients I add in when there is about 30-60 minutes left on the burner. 

Quinoa – 1 cup cooked

Lentils – 2 cups cooked

Chili Beans – 4 cans

I let this simmer for about 8-10 hours before it is ready to be served.

Basically whatever you think tastes good can be added into the pot.




Just a few photos of the snow we had!

Happy Friday!